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not available excelںʽûпֵʱֵ#N/A

N/ANot Applicable˼ǣ A commonly used abbreviation in the English language for the lack of data in a form or table field, because it does not apply to the situation. дʱʾĿңáû...

N/AָNot ApplicableNot Available д ָпճĵطҪһϡN/Aȥ֣ԭӡġҪstateprorinveĹһסĵطûСʱеĹң...

N/ANA N/ANot Available N/A.Ƚ϶дʱ򣬱ʾĿңáûждոҲյʱ򣬾ҪдN/AӢңҲn/an.a.ͬһ˼

a^n+b^nn=2k+1ʱֽܷΪ a+b*[a^2k-a^(2k-1)*b+a^(2k-2)*b^2-+a^2*b^(2k-2)-a*b^(2k-1)+b^2k] a^n+b^nn=2kʱ޷ʵڷֽ. a^n-b^n=(a-b)[a^(n-1)+a^(n-2)*b++a*b^(n-2)+b^(n-1)]

ͦ򵥵İ㵹֪ǡI love you ˼ٺ٣϶DZˣԼ֪أ ʾϣn 55! w ! n paau !ãǵģʷֱI miss youI need you˼

n/aָNot Applicableڲͬĵط˼һ¼˼áá޷áûС N/AָNot ApplicableNot Available д˼ȫͬ[2] ڼп Eg: Modem use IR...

n/aN/AӢ""(Not applicable)Ƶʵдڸֱп N/AȽ϶дʱ򣬱ʾ"Ŀ()"ûждոҲ׵ʱ򣬿дN/AӢңҲn/an.a....

N/A Ӣ not available д˼Dz߱ûС ƱĿN/A˼ûṩƱĿۡ

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